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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Costuming in the Time of Pandemic

All jokes aside, YIKES.

It's been a rough few months of winter and spring for everyone, and for me it's followed a difficult few months last summer and fall. As a result, even though I've still been sewing and crafting and going places (before lockdown this month anyway), I haven't had the time or energy or sometimes the memory to document any of it. Now with more time on my hands than usual, I'm hoping to go back and catch up on posts about last year's events and costumes, many of which have been sitting here as unfinished drafts.

In the meantime I'm also switching costume sewing over to medical mask sewing, and I highly encourage anyone with the means to ask around in your communities or on social media to see if any facilities could use help. The Million Mask Challenge groups on Facebook accept members nationwide and internationally and offer resources for constructing and donating masks in approved designs where they're needed most.

Stay tuned!