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Friday, May 4, 2018

Vague Updates or Something

The end-of-semester school crunch is in full swing, so not much else has been going on around here. BUT...

King George is still very much in-progress. He's taken a backseat to some other impending costume deadlines, but I'm still casually picking away at it. I painted the whole crown with DecoColor Premium gold paint pens, which had turned out well in swatch tests. But like the liquid leaf paint, it turned out hard to get a smooth non-streaky surface on the larger flat areas, and I ended up hating it. So now I'm in the process of sanding that off as much as possible and looking for yet another gold option. Top contenders right now are gold leaf and spray paint. Gold leaf has the potential for an amazing finish but really depends on my ability to apply it well, and could be either easier or harder to work around the rhinestones (don't have to tape anything off, but also have to manually work around every stone). Spray paint has the benefit of being quick and easy, but I'll have to tape off the rhinestones and the finish will never be as dimensional as I want. This whole process has been so out of the ordinary and experimental for me, I'm also seriously considering just relegating this crown to a glorified mock-up (probably finishing it, and maybe trying to sell it or use it as a back-up?) and making a second one out of metal. We'll see what happens.

We did make it to the Great L.A. Air Raid in February, and it was a blast! It'll definitely be a yearly event for us. We assembled a civilian outfit for my friend from a combination of our regular vintage-esque clothes (my red crepe chiffon blouse and brown belted jacket, and her plaid tweed trousers and saddle shoes), and I wore an unholy amalgam of several mismatched uniform pieces (modern lookalike Army 5-button sweater, replica Army HBT pants, authentic Navy leggings, and USMC EGA pin, oh my).

And French Revolution Zombaes are a go for Labyrinth Masquerade. Most of the fabric has been bought, design is finalized, petticoats and dresses will hopefully be started in the next few weeks, and I'm getting ready to order stays and sourcing some fabulously gaudy rhinestone jewelry. Exciting stuff! Full post on all that coming soon once things get rolling. Stay tuned!