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Monday, October 9, 2017

Hamilton - King George Crown / Collar Part IV + Star Part II

It’s been an age since I’ve had proper time to work on this (Labyrinth Masquerade was AWESOME, but then school started the week after).  But I saw the show at the Pantages last weekend (IT WAS INCREDIBLE) so I’ve been desperate to make some progress. (I also now have two potential events to wear this costume to next year - Costume College's Gala, and Labyrinth Masquerade - which means I have to get back to working on it regularly.)

I finished the filigrees on the crown.  There should be an extra one on each vertical strip right at the top of the curve, but I when I ordered the filigrees I had only figured on 24 total (2 per vertical strip and 16 for the horizontal band) rather than 28, so I came up short.  The ones around the band seemed more important and were easier to secure, so I did the full 16 there and skipped the last set on the vertical strips. 

I’ve also been playing with paint some more.  I still love the Liquid Leaf, but on some of the materials it was giving me a better shine than on others so the lack of consistency was starting to bother me.  I also haven’t figured out a way to get a reliably smooth finish over large areas yet.  So on the collar pieces I went over the Liquid Leaf with a DecoColor Premium paint marker.  The gold tone is a little more white/pink than the yellow/brass I wanted, but the shine is stronger. And the crown color varies a bit in photos anyway. So I’ve made peace with the compromise for now.  There’s still one more alternative/test I’m considering for the crown, so we’ll see.

In the meantime, I sprayed the crown with a sandable filler primer to fill in some scratches, then a black primer to give the gold a good base.

And I’m still picking away at the embroidered star badge.  I’m about halfway through the little starburst lines. I was initially going to stitch ALL the starburst lines the same way I did the edge and the lines at each point, but it was extremely time consuming and tedious, and looking at more reference images I realized the starburst was a bit more solid than I had assumed. So I left each point line of the starburst, but now I’m filling in the rest of it with single stitches/lines, and I actually really like the effect. Because the cross in the center is so small and fiddly, I’ll probably do single lines of thread there too.

After seeing the show and now knowing how key the scepter is to the costume, I’ve decided I definitely have to make it. But now that I’m in the home stretch with the crown, I’m waiting until that’s totally done. And again looking at more reference images, I was reminded that the garter is a separate piece from the pants, so I’m back to the original plan of making the garter as its own thing.