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Monday, January 23, 2017

Busy Winter Update

Well, I did the thing again.

I guess in my defense, if there is one, the fall/winter was and continues to be hectic.  I got a hellish cold in October, moved (back) to Long Beach in November, got sick again and crammed to finish the fall semester in December, got sick again again (!) in December-January, prepped for the start of spring semester (which started today, yikes), and managed to have something of a social life with a few indulgent trips to Disneyland, Universal Studios, and some local urban exploring.  In the midst of all that, I did work on some projects and got a fair amount done.  The problem, as usual, was just posting about any of it.

Crimson Peak costumes are coming along nicely.  We officially finally have all the materials, and I've started constructing Lucille's nightgown while my friend has started painting her Ghost!Thomas pieces.  Not that it means much since I haven't actually posted about any of it yet, but I have a few in-progress drafts saved to post soon.

On a whim I also started my King George III costume (from Hamilton: An American Musical, like you don't already know what it is).  So far it's just A LOT of research and the beginnings of the crown, but it's fun and I'm really excited for the whole project.  I'll post something detailed about that soon too.

And, as always, I'll *try* to be better about timely updates.